Csaba Sógor: Discrimination against Roma and other minorities in Romania

13.04.2016 | European Parliament , discrimination
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Csaba Sógor: Discrimination against Roma and other minorities in Romania

The anti-Roma manifestations that took place on International Romani day in Romania are not worthy of a European Union Member State, and we cannot allow for these acts of open discrimination to become socially acceptable.

The International Romani Day was on the agenda of this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasburg. During his speech the RMDSZ MEP drew attention to the reprehensible and regrettable acts that surrounded the International Roma Day celebration events in Bucharest, where unknown offenders painted offensive anti-Roma inscriptions on the tent used for the event. "The police began an investigation, the Romanian government and the President of Romania expressed their outrage, several embassies spoke up, even the World Bank condemned what has happened" – reminded the MEP, who also joined the outraged reactions. Csaba Sógor made it clear that manifestations of this nature are not worthy of an EU Member State.


The MEP also pointed out that the Roma community is not the only one being discriminated against in Romania. Violent messages targeting the Hungarian minority can often be seen during sporting events, graffitied on walls, and even some media outlets engage in hate speech. "I would like to see the institutions of the state and politicians condemning these phenomena just as vehemently. We cannot allow for behaviours of this nature to become socially acceptable" - explained the MEP.


In the opinion of Csaba Sógor the events organised last week by the European Parliament for International Romani Day bear a great importance. “I attended the events because I believe Roma integration is an important issue and anti-Roma actions should be discouraged” – stated the MEP.