Csaba Sógor on the ‘State of the Union’ speech of the European Commission President

26.09.2017 | European Parliament
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Csaba Sógor on the ‘State of the Union’ speech of the European Commission President

We often witness that the national, autochthonous or linguistic minorities living on the territory of the European Union are discriminated against, this is why it is welcome that the president of the European Commission considers that we have to ensure a European Union of freedom, of equality of rights and of rule of law - Csaba Sógor reacted to Jean-Claude Junker’s ‘State of the Union’ speech in the European Parliament.

The president of the European Commission debated with the MEP’s in Strasbourg the state of the Union, the challenges the EU is facing and its future. In his speech he pointed out that three principles should always prevail inside the borders of the European Union: freedom, equality of rights and rule of law. He stated that there should not be second class citizens in the EU and that the rule of law is not an option but a binding principle. „Our Union is not a state but it is a community of law”, he said.

Csaba Sógor, RMDSZ MEP, reacted to the statements of the EC president during the debate ensuing the State of the Union speech and saluted the idea that the European Union should not have second class citizens. Talking about the difficulties many national autochthonous minorities face across the EU, he used the example of the Roman Catholic High School from Târgu Mureș, Romania to call for a more efficient protection of the rule of law in the EU for all citizens.

The MEP highlighted that the EU still has a long road ahead regarding the protection of European values and the genuine eradication of discrimination in case of the 60 million citizens of the European Union belonging to minority groups who are waiting for the EU institutions to effectively recognize their existence.