Statement of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania - MIÉRT

30.09.2019 | MIÉRT
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Statement of the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania - MIÉRT

We, the Hungarian Youth Council of Romania - MIÉRT, disapprove of any activity that’s aim is to humiliate and intimidate a particular ethnic group or inducing violence or prejudice against members of that group.

We find the re-elected president of the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania - EMNP, István Csomortányi’s actions profoundly offensive, wherein 2003 along with four of his companions, used an infamous salutation that recalled one of the darkest times in Europe, disgracing millions of Holocaust victims.

To make this photograph available to the public is not the result of an internal political game, nor the manipulation of modern photoshop, but a testimony of the party's leadership of the acceptance of this kind of behaviour and, moreover, ridicule the situation itself.

How the EMNP party’s leadership tries to sweep this case under the carpet is humiliating and sad at the same time. They have once pointed their fingers at those who leaked the photograph, promising to take personal revenge. Later, despite all, or without considering the seriousness of the case, József Bálint (president of the Covasna county EMNP) compared the above salutation as an answer to the question: ‘’Boys, who's up for a beer?’’

Resolving the relationship between local ethnicities is vital for Transylvanian Hungarians. It is unacceptable that in 2019, a political leader, who is not condemned of the Nazi salutation but sees it as a good joke has gained this much power. He laughs at millions’ disastrous death but calls himself a soldier in the fight for ethical rights while proposing attacks on other ethnic minorities at the same time.

Instead of showing a good example for future generations, these public figures are trying to convince us that intolerance is acceptable, disrespect for one another is cool and the tragedy of a nation is entertaining. We must not accept this!

The Hungarian Youth Council of Romania invites all Romanian public figures, political parties, NGOs and churches to distance themselves from the above-mentioned case.

We respectfully ask István Csomortányi to publicly apologize to all those who have been offended and hurt by his actions and to resign from all positions held by him in the EMNP party, without any further compromising judgment of Hungarians in Transylvania!


The board of MIÉRT 

Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc, September 30, 2019